Turning Dreams into Reality

Your home and residential spaces should be both beautiful and functional. The team of Michael Harms Construction and Bonnie Harms Designs offers residential and commercial construction, property development, remodeling, and interior design services in McAllen. This team goes above and beyond.

Michael Harms Construction and Bonnie Harms Designs have formed a unique partnership which provides our clients twice the expertise at a fraction of the cost. Using the in-house design team of Bonnie Harms Designs means quick, clear, and effective communication for all parties involved. You no longer have to wait for two separate companies to get on the same page. With Michael Harms Construction and Bonnie Harms Designs, know that your requests and needs will be resolved in a timely manner. We are there when you need us and can make adjustments without delay.

An integration of build and design. What could be more beautiful?

A Better Process For Better Results

Building and remodeling projects can seem overwhelming to many. The combination of Michael Harms Construction & Bonnie Harms Designs is exactly what you need to make things easier. Excellent customer service, great open communication, modern designs to match your personality, and the comfort of knowing you have qualified professionals on your side to guide you is how we build positive experiences.

Bringing Your Vision Home

The difference is in the details. Our collaboration with Bonnie Harms Designs means you get a interior design expert on your side throughout the build process. We’ll take your style and vision and help you transform it into a gorgeous reality. It’s all in the details!