Our Story

Building Futures Together

Michael Harms Construction is a business built by family and community, for families and the community. Founded by Michael Harms, Sr., we’ve worked with residential and commercial clients to deliver superior construction, remodeling, and land development projects since 1994. With a focus on delivering personalized care and attention, our number one priority is ensuring your investment in us meets the highest quality standard possible. Our hands on approach to construction and design means your project will receive the dedication, high performance, and focus it deserves.

Plus, the power-couple team of Michael and Bonnie Harms makes the entire process fun, enjoyable, and stress-free. Their mastery in the arts of construction and design has proven to be the advantage clients deserve to have their project handled right, from start to finish. By working as a team, Michael Harms Construction and Bonnie Harms Design has been able to deliver superior services, assure quality, and build great working relationships with clients.

The Harms Construction and Design family is exactly that. And because they understand the investment and love that goes into building homes and businesses, they have a devotion to integrity and hunger for excellence. Over the last 20 years Michael Harms Construction has grown to be one of the finest, most respected, and trusted general contractors and custom designers in Hidalgo County.

The Michael Harms Construction and Bonnie Harms Design team currently builds residential and commercial projects in the McAllen area, as well as offers apartment rentals and management services. Contact our team today at (956) 655-2935 and let us bring your vision to life.